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Eduardo Candanedo

Senior Full-Stack Developer

I have a passion for software. I enjoy creating tools that make life easier for people.

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High experience

Experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry.

API Endpoints

Developed robust and scalable API endpoints that enabled seamless communication and data exchange between different applications, systems, and services.

Success side projects

Side projects are not just hobbies, but also powerful tools for personal and professional growth. As a passionate developer, I believe that side projects are a vital part of my creative process.


I have brought here my biggest and favorite works
as a professional.

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Jafer - Ecommerce Platform

Successfully created a robust and scalable e-commerce platform that allowed users to browse, search, and purchase products online with ease.


Espressive - Integrations

Designed and implemented robust integration workflows that connected various applications and systems, enabling seamless communication and data transfer between them.


Smartfit - Document

Module in Ruby on Rails (RoR) that automates the generation of legal documents from templates. Designed to be consumed via API, providing a seamless integration for external applications.


Below is a summary of the places I studied

2017 – 2019

Computer Systems Engineer
Universidad ICEP

See the place here

2013 – 2016

Computer Systems Engineer
Instituto Tecnologico de Colima
Dropped in 6th semester.

See the place here

2014 – 2014

English Certificate
The University of New Mexico

See the place here

2009 – 2012

Tecnológico de Monterrey

See the place here

2006 – 2009

Secondary Education
Colegio CampoVerde

See the place here

2015 – 2016

Primary Education
Colegio CampoVerde

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Places I worked

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Below are some comments from people I´ve worked

He is a calm person and easy to work,
always open to collaborate and discuss,
the best solutions.

Alessandro Gurgel - Manager SmartFit

Eduardo helped us to create a new team
that supports 14 countries in America
and he did an excellent job in managing and improving our systems.

Alessandro Gurgel - Manager SmartFit

We can now sell online and be
more competitive, this couldn´t be possible
without Eduardo.

Isis Contreras - Owner at Jafer